Sony and Naughty Dog have come out with a bang as they finally reveal the updated multiplayer for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. The new multiplayer offers a chaotic frenzy amidst ancient ruins as players fight for supremacy by whatever means necessary. The new experience was playable at the PlayStation experience booth at the ongoing Paris Games Week.

Sony rightfully refers to this as a multiplayer experience by rewarding players who work together, which in turn gives teams better control of the map. The most important perks, however, are the new updates only found in Uncharted 4. Players can now call sidekicks into battle when things get a little hairy. Sidekicks are A.I. characters who are fully equipped to help control the situation at hand.

The maps are filled with towers and statues that players can climb in the classic Uncharted exploration, and will be rewarded with the perfect spot to snipe some enemies from. The combat itself plays fast and loose as players are constantly reacting to whatever arsenal the opposing player is throwing at them.

Nathan’s grappling hook helps players maneuver the map by getting them to higher points in the map, and can also be used to take out enemies from above. Players can grapple towards an enemy and promptly take them out before heading to the next enemy.

The characters have no shortage of ammunition and explosive ordinance, but the coolest feature in the multiplayer arena is the use of  Mysticals. These ancient artifacts offer supernatural abilities that cause excessive damage around the map. The statue featured in the trailer details an incredible area of effect attack that pretty much destroys all enemies within a certain radius.

A beta version of the multiplayer will be available between December 4-13 for people who purchased the Nathan Drake Collection. Players everywhere, however, will be able to experience all of the epic gameplay when Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is released on March 18 for the PlayStation 4. For everything there is to know about the Uncharted 4 multiplayer, you can check out the official PlayStation blog post.

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