Directly from the Indiecade 2015 virtual reality booth, Koriel Kruer, one of the Lead Game Designers for Xing The Land Beyond, was able to set up shop and give us an exclusive interview about the upcoming puzzle game. Utilizing the Oculus Rift VR platform, the game ran incredibly smoothly on the VR platform, and did so all while running the behemoth that is the Unreal Engine.

Together, Koriel and her co-developers at White Lotus Interactive, were able to take a puzzle game that was set in the afterlife, and expand it into a even more immersive experience. The game feels similar to the Aperture Laboratories from the Portal series, in that the world itself is a puzzle to be unlocked, but has a uniquely different setting of exotic islands, and icy tundras.

Xing The Land Beyond is aiming for a spring launch in 2015, and the developers are hoping to make it a launch title for the official release of the Oculus Rift. For more of our adventure in Indiecade 2015, head on over to our Youtube channel for all of our exclusive interviews!

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