One of the highlights for our Youtube host Jassi, was being able to interview the team that brought to life the upcoming 8-bit platformer – Hive Jump.

Hive Jump is a sci-fi alien shooter that is incredibly fun to play with friends. Supporting up to 4 person Co-op for the campaign, players will run and jump around an earth infested with Aliens. The title from Graphite Lab was being showcased at the Nintendo booth at Indiecade 2015. The adventure title features a ton of replay-ability long after destroying the queen hive and saving the earth.

The Wii U version of the game is all set to feature exclusive content, however, it has been officially hinted that the new title will feature Amiibo support. Hive Jump will be available for the PC, Mac, and Wii U in early 2016. For more of our adventure in Indiecade 2015, head on over to our Youtube channel for all of our exclusive interviews!

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