Chasm is the name of Dan Edelman’s new 8-bit platformer, and our resident Youtube host Jassi was able to share his excitement in this exclusive interview. Based off of the classic Metroid and Mega Man games of the past, this new 2D adventure title takes players through mining dungeons to learn about what happened to the ancient civilization that once lived there.

The title features a wide variety of playable maps, and enemies to kill, but to aid in this quest are the dynamic combat systems. Players can combine close range melee attacks with longer range projectiles to take on each foe however they feel most comfortable.

As of now, there is no official release date for the title, but Dan was nice enough to let us know that Chasm would be available at some point next year for the PC, Mac, and PlayStation 4. For more of our adventure in Indiecade 2015, head on over to our Youtube channel for all of our exclusive interviews!

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