Horizon Zero Dawn was first announced at E3 2015, and today is the first time Guerrilla Games is sharing the gameplay footage with the public. What you can see in the video above is actually the gameplay demo shown to the press during the convention, with the narration of the game’s senior producer Mark Norris.

The video isn’t one continuous footage of gameplay, but is instead segmented into several smaller bits to highlight specific elements in the game. For example, we start by getting a short tour of the HUD, which then switches over to a stealth demonstration that focuses on RPG elements like a loot system and floating damage indicators. We also see a bit of exploration and a clever use of explosive traps.

The bulk of the video, however, is dedicated to an epic fight between heroine Aloy and the might Thunderjaw. This gigantic robot monstrosity has plenty of health and armor plating to withstand Aloy’s exploding arrows, so she needs to try think outside the box. As we see in the video, Aloy canshot off the Thunderjaw’s disc launchers and use them to remove some of that armor plating and expose its weakpoints. No one said it will be easy, though.

While this video is a bit on the technical side, it still provides a good look at Horizon Zero Dawn and the kind of open world gameplay we can expect from it. The next time we’ll see anything new on the game will be in 2016, so fans should try and make this video last.


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