Live at Indiecade 2015, GamersPack was able to grab an exclusive interview with Seth Killian, the creator of the new title from Radiant Entertainment – Rising Thunder.

The new fighting game utilizes the Unreal Engine 4 to power intricately designed robots in the middle of a battle to the death. The robot-fighter differentiates itself from the side-scrolling community by keeping combos as simple as a single button, plus a direction.

The move is designed to get more players interested in some of the hardcore fighting games available, while also giving them fun and repayable experience. The alpha build is currently available through the game’s website for no charge at all, and features 6 playable characters.

The game will hopefully move forward to become available for other platforms, but as of now, Rising Thunder is available exclusively on the PC. For more of our adventure in Indiecade 2015, head on over to our Youtube channel for all of our exclusive interviews!

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