It’s not that big of a surprise that Just Cause 3 lets you blow a lot of stuff up. After all, we all played the previous two games in the series and we know that a Just Cause game revolves around explosions. However, Just Cause 3, it seems, will give us a very good reason to make things go BOOM.

The reason can be found in the story trailer above. Rico and his fellow rebels try their best to liberate the island of Medici from the tyrannous dictator General Di Ravello. Di Ravello and his evil army has dug their clutches into the beautiful island nation in order to mine for Bavarium – a rare and very powerful mineral that can serve as a source of energy, but is also highly explosive. Highly explosive is Rico’s middle name. – Rico “Highly Explosive” Rodriguez.

Just Cause 3 will bring its arsenal of explosions, chaos, destruction and physics-defying theatrics to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on December 1.

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