The new alpha gameplay trailer for DOOM from Bethesda Softworks and id Software, has made its way online and packs a very powerful punch. The gameplay was taken by developers from the PC, PS4, and Xbox One versions of the game to show how much of a beast this game is on next-gen consoles.

As epic as it is to stomp an enemy’s face in until it explodes, one of the trailer’s finer points was in detailing the Demon mode, which puts players in control of a jetpack enhanced, dual rocket wielding warrior from hell. A creature whose abilities can be used to dominate the battlefield, but are not so over powered as to be unbeatable.

Alongside the trailer are a new set of screenshots that showcase the limited selection of weaponry available in the alpha version of the game. The new list of rifles includes the Vortex rifle, Plasma Rifle and the Repeater. The Vortex is perfectly designed for snipers due to it’s long-range magnification, where as the Repeater is more ideal for assault classes, thanks to it’s single and triple shot bursts.

The Plasma Rifle appears to be sort of an all in one type of machine. It features a fully-automatic fire rate, with a Plasma orb launcher just incase things get a little too close for comfort. The Super Shotgun is everything you need from a close range weapon, except that now by zooming in, players can restrict the spread of the weapon for more accurate kill.

The Static Canon and Rocket Launcher, keep the game spicy by allowing players to cause immense amounts of damage, without actually having to get into the fray. The secondary equipment includes the Frag Grenade, which is a more classic approach to taking out enemies, where as a Personal Teleporter helps give players a more strategic view point of the map.

Players who bought a copy of Wolfenstein: The New Order are the ones lucky enough to gain access to the testing phases, but those of you how are able to track down a launch version of the game, may be lucky enough to grab a beta code.

The gameplay are from the alpha testing phase of the game which will start later this week. However, we are still excited to see what the iconic BFG will be capable of when DOOM is released in early 2016 for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

1445490006-doom-alpha-vortex-rifle 1445490006-doom-alpha-super-shotgun 1445490005-doom-alpha-static-cannon 1445490005-doom-alpha-rocket-launcher 1445490005-doom-alpha-plasma-rifle 1445490004-doom-alpha-repeater 1445490005-doom-alpha-frag-grenade 1445490004-doom-alpha-persona-teleporter

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