Ubisoft has released a brand new gameplay trailer for Rainbow Six Siege. It features explosions, firefights, terrorists and Operators from all around the world. Whether its a hostage situation in Courchevel, France, a bomb disarming in Los Angeles, California, or a terrorist takedown in Hamburg, Germany РRainbow Six Siege promises us fast, action-packed multiplayer matches with tons of the aforementioned explosions and firefights.

Rainbow Six Siege is out December 1 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Take another look at the trailer above to see what to expect in just one of the game’s various modes.

rainbow6siege-1 rainbow6siege-2 rainbow6siege-3 rainbow6siege-4 rainbow6siege-5 rainbow6siege-6 rainbow6siege-7 rainbow6siegeart-1 rainbow6siegeart-2 rainbow6siegeart-3 rainbow6siegeart-4 rainbow6siegeart-5

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