The evil of Overlord: Fellowship of Evil, Codemaster’s new download-only title in the Overlord franchise, is spreading┬áto PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. In other words, you can pick up your digital copy of the game and play today.

Up to four players will take the roles of the recently resurrected Cryos, Inferna, Hakon and Malady, and work together to bring evil back to the world. Of course, evil is as evil does, so don’t expect your teammates to play nice or fair. You’ll have to watch you’re back, or the remaining three Overlords will betray you the first moment they get.

In the words of Minion Master Gnral himself: “sharpen your weapons, dust off your minions and get with the carnage!” Do so today on consoles and PC.

fellowship-of-evil-1 fellowship-of-evil-2 fellowship-of-evil-3 fellowship-of-evil-4 fellowship-of-evil-5

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