Independent developers No Matter Studios have finally unveiled their debut PC title, Prey for the Gods. The new title is an action adventure game, with a few platforming elements thrown in, as the main character is forced to take down the enormous Gods that rule the frozen island.

It would be easy to write the game off as a high resolution clone of the PlayStation 2 classic Shadow of the Colossus, but the trailer hints that there is a little more to the story than that. Small story details available on the game’s website show that there may even be a few survival elements in the game, meaning that there is more than likely going to be smaller enemies to take on in addition to the behemoth boss battles.

No Matter Studios is comprised of three individuals working sleeplessly to finish the game, so unfortunately it’s unlikely that we will be finding any new information about the title any time soon. However, the new title does look intense, as we see the main character climbs the back of a gigantic beast, and does inspire a bit of nostalgia to the long gone days of the PS2.

Prey for the Gods currently has no estimated release date, but we here at GamersPack will work to bring you more information as the game gets closer to completion.

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