Only days after the newest BMW was announced to the entire world, Electronic Arts has revealed that the BMW M2 Coupe will be making its debut video game appearance in the upcoming game, Need for Speed. The announcement trailer details the amazing performance of the Coupe in the middle of a stormy street race, in addition to the photo-realistic, in-game engine.

The newest iteration of the M series BMW is the spiritual successor to the original M1 design, and maxes out at 370 horse power, with 500 Nm (newton meter) of torque. The Coupe’s incredibly powerful 6-cylinder engine and rear-wheel drive make the car a perfect fit into the world of underground street racing.

The BMW M2 Coupe will launch alongside the game itself when Need for Speed is released on November 3 for the PS4 and Xbox One, as well as on the PC next spring.

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