Live from Hollywood California, Telltale games has announced that they will be holding the world’s largest live stream event in honor of the upcoming release of their new title, Minecraft Story Mode.

The stream has been dubbed the largest “Let’s play” event due to the combination of both live audiences and home viewers who can tune in to the event through Telltale’s Youtube channel, or live in person at the Hollywood Arclight cinema.

Players from around the world will be able to shout and cheer the actions they want to happen throughout the event, and will feature appearances from some of the game’s cast and crew. The only other major deviation from traditional streaming is that instead of utilizing the website, Twitch, the game is being streamed exclusively through the new Youtube Gaming feature.

The event will take place tonight, Oct. 12 at 7pm ET and is welcome to gamers and families of all ages as they use Telltale Games’ signature gameplay to decide the fate of this pixelated universe. The stream will be available after the event is over, but Minecraft: Story Mode will be available tomorrow, Oct. 13 for the PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, iOS and Android devices.


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