After an intense Kickstarter campaign, OtherSide Entertainment is proud to present the first footage of Underworld Ascendant, the newest addition to the RPG franchise. Based on the original 1992 Ultima Underworld game for the PC and PlayStation One, the game that helped usher in the age of 3D graphics is back to create a totally new experience in the world of Fantasy RPGs.

Underworld Ascendant is the newest iteration of the franchise in several years, and brings the game’s original creators together after years of working on hit titles such as Thief, Bioshock and more. The new Underworld aims to take advantage of the latest in PC technology to develop gameplay mechanics that have never been experienced before.

Returning to the dark Stygian Abyss located in the Underworld, players will navigate a specially designed maze of dungeons and environments that couldn’t exist if it weren’t for the dark magic and rune gates at work in those halls. The design work includes expansive Dwarven halls, Icy caverns and subterranean swamp lands.

The Abyss acts as a gate way between a variety of worlds, and combines them into a nightmarish and fantastic experience. Players will experience this Underworld as “The Avatar”, a normal human from our world who is mysteriously transported through a rune gate to the Stygian Abyss. The campaign of this single-player adventure is a sandbox adventure where the players choice completely affect the narrative. In the Stygian Abyss, the Dark Elves, Shamblers and Dwarves are all speaking the hidden magic that lies in the darkness of this world.

Each race has their reasons to retrieve this power, but the victors of this war will be decided by the player. Whether it’s how you tackle an individual dungeon or even which of the waring factions you join, there are an infinite amount of possibilities inside this story, and they all matter.

Thanks to the game’s Improvisation engine, there is no one way to solve a challenge or puzzle, or even defeat an enemy. Underworld Ascendant gives the player an unprecedented level of control as they can choose not only who they align themselves with, but how they develop their powers as well. In this world, hack and slash warriors can now sneak through the shadows, Thieves can cast spells and Mages can actually defend themselves.

Underworld Ascendant is built from the ground up to allow the player to play the game however they wish, which in a world of never ending rules, is a fresh breath of cavernous air. Underworld Ascendant is still currently in development, but their new walkthrough demo is an incredible invitation to a one of a kind experience. It’s just a shame that we have to wait until the end of next year to play it.

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