Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void’s new User interface was specifically designed by Blizzard to keep the universe alive throughout the entire game. One of the first major changes was to include 3D character animations at every stage of the main menu, giving a little taste of the graphical options that players make, while also detailing what enemies may be lurking in the level the player is about to load.

In an effort to streamline menu navigation, campaign and multiplayer options can now be accessed from one central location.¬†Through the new campaign section screen, updated characters now represent each phase of Starcraft 2’s trilogy.

Jim Raynor for the original, human based campaign, ” Wings of Liberty”, the mutated Kerrigan for the zerg centered, “Heart of the swarm”, and Artanis, a military leader in the Protoss army who represents the upcoming “Legacy of the Void’ campaign.

Blizzard is excited to integrate new easier to use interfaces that allow players to connect with each other even faster, thanks to the immense feedback from beta tests of the game. Patch 3.0 is looking to be an even more immersive experience in the Starcraft 2 universe and will launch alongside Legacy of the Void on November 10, 2015.

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