I’ve always been a bit of a skeptic when it comes to these. Whether it’s working or gaming, people now spend a lot of time staring at a screen. After a while I’ve noticed either some eye strain or just my eyes feeling tired which usually means take a break. So I finally decided to give these glasses a try and I got a pair of the Gunnar Razer “RPG” Gaming eyewear with the amber lens.

Gaming eyewear is designed to prevent eye irritation, sharpen details and ease strain allowing for longer use of your screen. It does this by filtering out harsh blue light up to about 65%, with the amber lens you’ll see an over all warmer tone. They are coated with an anti reflective material to reduce glare and reflections, and the cool thing about them is that they not only put this anti reflective coating on the outside they put it on the inside of the lens as well.


Out of the box, the Gunnar Eyewear is already an amazing piece of gear. The sleek design of the wide format lenses offer better field of vision, they are lightweight and feel fantastic. Immediately, gamers will notice a much more crisp and sharper image, and enhanced contrast. However something I’ve also noticed is a slight magnification of whatever you are looking at.

The best way to test how well they are working is to flip them up after wearing them for a little bit and take a look at your screen. You will notice the harsh blue light coming off the screen and even though you will readjust to the screen fairly quickly you’ll be able to feel the difference.

I’ve started wearing these all the time now, when I’m watching TV, gaming and even while writing this. I like to read on my iPad at night before bed and for those that have an iPad you know how bright that screen can be in the dark. Since wearing these I’ve had little to no eyestrain and have enjoyed reading on my iPad much more.


Even though they are called Gaming Eyewear, they aren’t designed to necessarily improve your game play. However, these things do go hand in hand because if your eyes don’t hurt and you see the screen better, your gameplay will naturally improve.

When it comes to something like this there are always going to be two groups of people, those who notice eye strain and the harshness of their screen and those who don’t or just don’t pay attention to it. For those that know what i’m talking about, it is in your best interest to go get a pair and see the difference. Having started out a skeptic I know can say that for a price tag of $99 they are worth the investment, let Gunnar by Razer improve your digital lifestyle.

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