Keeping themselves at the forefront of innovation for over 20 years, Nvidia has introduced a new line-up Gaming Notebooks that are built for the future, and they invited the GamersPack crew to see for themselves.

From the outset, these beasts of machinery are built for three things, record breaking performance, the use of premium components and perfected for overclocking. Each notebook is powered by a GTX 980 GPU with 7gbps of memory and 4-8 phase power supplies.

Although a bit of a mouth full, every single gigabit of it matters. These notebooks represent the single largest technological leap forward in laptop based gaming, and it’s all thanks to Nvidia’s brand new GTX 980 GPU. As part of their most recent line up of processors, these GPU’s are the most powerful and stable in existence.

With the added bonus of arriving unlocked before you even take it out of the box, you can push each notebook to its limits the second you turn the computer on. Thanks to the use of the Notebook Overclock Tool, each individual component can be fine tuned to their exact limits. Everything from the fan speeds to core and memory boosts are all centrally located and easily accessed so that changes can be made on the fly.

However, the tools actually don’t end there, since the gaming notebooks are also equipped with the Geforce experience. Meaning that once you’ve found the limits of your computer, you can then fine tune them to the graphic limits of your individual games.

These notebooks are beefy enough to support anywhere between 4 and 8 power phases. Each phase essentially acts like a cylinder in a car’s engine, with each additional phase increasing the amount of power that can be generated. Gamers looking to get their own custom built notebook may settle for a 4 cylinder engine, but a V8 will always leave it in the dust.

Of course all the power phases in the world won’t matter without the right fuel, which is where the super fast memory comes in to play. Modern gameplay may still be plagued by load times, but the wait is made a lot more bearable with the ability to access 7gbps of memory at its base settings, and the capability to reach 7.5 or higher when overclocked.


With every new generation of computer comes the inevitable realization that any games that come out afterward will be too advanced for what your GPU can handle, except for when that GPU is made by Nvidia. Utilizing the GTX 980 as a base model, each of the incredible new notebooks can support virtual reality experiences, games and more.

Even with out over clocking any of the settings, these machines can create a completely stable virtual experience. Supporting over 5million pixels at 90fps in Eve Online’s Valkyrie VR experience, notebooks such as the CLEVO P870DM as well as the water cooled, ASUSGX700VO are all ready for anything that the gaming world is capable of releasing.

With Virtual Reality on one end of the spectrum for the future of gaming, the less visually taxing for those with motion sickness, is surround gaming. Already implemented in most dual-screen PC set ups, the 980s inside of these notebooks give the added support of up to 6million pixels on Ultra settings, with a basic refresh rate of 60fps. The cine-rama effect creates an immersive quality in games that doesn’t even exist on a standard 1080p television.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 12.58.12 PM

The new line of gaming notebooks feature intricate design work from different manufacturers, but are all united by the GTX 980 and the incomparable Geforce Experience. The line-up includes smaller rigs such as the Aorus X7 DT, CLEVO P870DM, and CLEVO P775DM, but reaches new heights with the water cooled ASUS GX700VO and its thicker cousins like the MSI GT72, and MSI GT80.

These Gaming Notebooks are designed for enthusiasts. They combine the experience of building your own high end PC, with the ease and portability that laptops were designed for. When you can pack up your computer, and a small headset and go to your friends house to pilot spaceships throughout the galaxy, you’ll know that the future has arrived.

Check out these incredible Gaming notebooks when they are available, but for more in-depth information, be sure to go hands on with our awesome interview with Nvidia at the top!

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