Ninja Theory has released a new pre-production video that showcases what final environments of Hellbalde may look like. And yes, they are sufficiently creepy.

These new pre-production design works detail how the developers have been utilizing the Unreal Engine 4 to create realistic environments, and finalize the design work for the game. Described as, “In-game concept art”, the video shows off these 3D illustrations in some of the most terrifying ways.

Lighting and rendering effects are kept at a basic level so that the team can later expand and improve upon them when migrating between the PS4 and PC versions of the game. The video gives little amounts of insight into development, but does detail how the team at Ninja Theory go about designing these fantastic set pieces. Beginning with small, but intricate dioramas, the team expands until they have fully formed levels.

While incredibly tedious, these practices help the teams later on when they are finishing the game. The art-styles are only from the pre-production phase of development, however, the experience of seeing these environments up close is mesmerizing and the music is certainly coming together well.

Hellblade is expected to be released some time next year for the PC and PlayStation 4.

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