With Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XV entering the final stages of development, Square Enix is busting out all the tricks, including the release of their new trailer for FFXV titled Dawn 2.0. As the title suggests, this trailer is a revamp of the original, showing off a little bit more of the cinematic masterpiece that is Square Enix’s leading talent.

A brief glimpse into the past of both protagonists Stella and Noctis shows a bit more into what’s shaped their lives up to this point. These flashes of the past take place fifteen years prior and features a young Stella being roughly treated by a mysterious figure bathed in shadow while Noctis dreams, clinging to a distraught older man. We also got some new screenshots to show off as well.

Unfortunately the trailer doesn’t reveal a solid release date yet as we hoped, but according to the end it’s still on schedule for a 2016 release. Final Fantasy XV will be debuting on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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