Capcom has announced a new game in the Resident Evil franchise, titled Umbrella Corps. The game isn’t a slow and creepy horror title, but rather a fast-paced multiplayer third person shooter set in the world of Resident Evil. That’s pretty close to what we originally thought the game would turn out to be.

In Umbrella Corps, players take the role of a mercenary working as a sort of test subject for the evil Umbrella Corporation. These mercenaries will fight against each other and asorted bioweapons in iconic environments from the Resident Evil franchise. According to Capcom, each battle with be short and brutal thanks to a focus on close quarter battle modes.

The game will also feature a completely analog aim and cover systems, allowing for much more control when firing from cover. Another cool feature is the Brainer, a small pick-axe like weapons designed for quick melee kills. The game’s arsenal also includes a tactical shield, which is basically using a zombie as a bullet sponge, Terrain Spikes that lets you stomp enemies to death, and a Zombie Jammer that lets keep zombies at bay as long as it is working.

Attendees of Tokyo Game Show 2015 will be able to try their hand at a 3 vs 3 demo of the One Life Match mode. As the name may suggest, this mode gives each player one life to spend, with no re-spawns.

Umbrella Corps will be out on PlayStation 4 and PC across North America and Europe in early 2016.

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