Bethesda has officially revealed is plans for the post-release of Fallout 4, which naturally include new features, some DLC and, of course, a Season Pass.

Now that Fallout 4 is nearing its release to the public, the wonderful developers have detailed exactly what they plan on doing instead of making The Elder Scrolls 6. Much the same way that Skyrim encountered regular updates that did everything from fix bugs to adding all new features, Fallout 4 will pretty much function the exact same way.

Bethesda will maintain open communication with the people playing their new game by listening to what they need through game forums. Whether it’s fixing a quest line or the ability to record perfect head-shots, the developers want the community to know that they are listening and engaging with them to make a great game even better.

After the game’s initial release, Bethesda will then be unleashing their creation kits to the public. Available early next year, the creation tool will allow players to not only enhance their own experiences but create all new ones as well.

The tools themselves will only be available for the PC version of the game, however, as noted at this past E3, the Xbox One version will feature mod support from the get-go. Meaning that even though you can’t design the mods specifically on the console, you will be able to download them from the internet. In the official blog post located on their home site, Bethesda went on to say that support will be brought to the PlayStation 4 version sometime after it launches on the Xbox One.

Bethesda is obsessively loyal to both its games and their fans, which is why the developer has promised that the game will not end after the credits roll. Set to release around the same time as the creation kit is an all-new set of paid downloadable content. As costly as this does sound, the company also announced that their season pass will not only include the game’s entire lifetime of DLC, but all of it for only $30.

Where most developers will see you a season pass at the same price, it will stop getting you new content after three months and will only get you a few costumes. In their website’s release, Bethesda announced that “since we’re still hard at work on the game, we don’t know what the actual DLC will be yet, but it will start coming early next year.” Meaning that at the very least this isn’t some piece of content that was built into the game and was blocked from use through a wall of paid DLC, but instead a brand new adventure that has yet to be discovered.

Bethesda’s intentions of supporting the community that supports them may be putting Elder Scrolls 6 even further behind, but at the very least fans of both series will have an epic adventure waiting for them in the nuclear wastelands of Fallout 4 on November 10 for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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