You’re most likely reading this because, like me, you’ve come to realize your crappy bulky office chair needs to take a trip to the dumpster, but at the same time you aren’t sure if the price point for a new chair is worth it. Well read on my friend and find out if the DXRacer racing chair works for you. If you are looking for quality and comfort, the DXRacer  Racing Series offers both of these things in spades. The bad news, however, is that you won’t find one of these chairs at your local office store or Ikea.

The solid metal frame makes this chair incomparable in terms of construction and stability. From the seat to the arm rests you find that everything is made from durable Polyurethane. The padding allows you to wipe away sweat or liquid instead of having it absorb. The 3D straight arms are firm but soft for a solid comfortable feel while sitting in your chair for long hours. You won’t find any cheap parts on this chair and it’s built to last.

The Racing Model Zero series chair has a max weight of 265lbs, allows for 12 degrees of rocking with a 170 degree back angle for those long nights where you just want to fall asleep or to play using the your ceiling TV. The 3D straight arms have a 15 Degree rotation in both directions, as well as up and down adjustments so you can find the perfect setting for your game play. Included with the chair are both a lumbar support cushion and headrest cushion. Both are adjustable and easy to install as well as being soft, firm and extremely comfortable.

DXRacer says that the R-Series is “geared towards the taller, slender body type and the density is modest”. This seems to be very true, being 5’10 220lbs, and having broad shoulders, the hugging feeling of the racing chair took a little getting used to. Even though this may not be the perfect chair for my build, after getting it right where I like it I found it to be extremely comfortable. The only thing I might recommend watching out for is if you have a kid like I do, then don’t let him use it unsupervised cause if he/she pulls the Large Angle Adjuster handle the chair might turn into an ejector seat. This could end up as a great YouTube video opportunity so you decide.

The chair took a total of about 10-15 min to build from start to finish. Very simple and easy to follow instructions, and from the minute you open the box you’ll be able to tell that this chair is a solid construction that will go the distance.  At a starting price of $359 for the Racing Series, this chair may not be for everyone but if you ever get the chance to sit in it I promise you’ll find a way to get it.

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