Movement in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will be dictated by feelings, not thoughts. At lease that is the what the developers at DICE are aiming for. In the short video below, you can see how seamlessly Faith goes between running, wall-running, climbing, and kicking aggressors in the face.

In a short blog post about the basic of movement in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, lead gameplay designer Rickard Antroia talks about how intuition is the key to successfully navigate the City of Glass.

“Moving forward and using what we call Up and Down Actions are the fundamentals of movement in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst,”Antroia explains. Since there isn’t a dedicated jump button the left shoulder buttons (or PC equivalent) will be used instead, signaling an intent from the player.”

So basically, if Faith is approaching a ledge, the player can press the Up Action button to make her jump. The same button will initiate a wall-run when Faith is running alongside a wall, or make use an enemy  as stepladder if one is in front of her. It’s all about context and following one’s instincts.

Antroia goes on to reveal a new mechanic called Shift, which allows a runner to dodge or “drift” around hard corners to perform 90-degree turns.

“The origin of Shift is that we wanted to find something that lets you gain speed faster. Shift lets you move sideways in any direction, and also backwards. Say you get too close to a threat or just want to back up and get a clearer view of your surroundings, Shift will take care of that,” Antroia says.

It seems that DICE wanted to make movement in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst as simple and as intuitive as it can get, while still letting skilled players accomplish complicated jumps and moves. We will know if they succeeded when we play the game on PlayStation 4, Xbox One or PC on February 2016.

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