Microsoft was very pleased to announce two new and ultimate weapons in their console arsenal – the Xbox Elite bundle and Lunar controller.

Initially revealed at this year’s E3, Microsofts new Elite controller packs the most powerful punch a console has ever been able to handle. The customizable triggers and newly designed D-pad are amazing, but you can find all of the juicy details from when we first covered it back in June.

The biggest news surrounding this is the new release date announced for November 3, just in time for the holiday season. Even better is that gamers can now upgrade to a very special edition of the Xbox One with the new Elite bundle, which features not only the innovative controller, but a freshly designed Xbox One. The Xbox One controller is also available separately on October 27 according to the official Microsoft store.

The system is equipped with an enormous 1TB Solid State Hybrid drive, which is a normal hard drive that delegates frequently used game data on a Solid state partition to make the system run games and apps up to 20% faster than a regular hard drive when operating in the new Energy saving mode.

Also announced was the new Lunar White wireless Xbox One controller, which will be available later on in September. The new controller features a white color scheme with gold triggers and special rubberized-diamond handle plating to increase comfort and control over the actual controller.

The Xbox Elite bundle and special Lunar White controller will all be available on November 3rd, which is just in time to be used alongside the slew of games being released for this holiday season. The Bundle is available exclusively through Microsoft or Gamestop for $499.99, while the Lunar White controller will be available only at Gamestop for $64.99. Both of the Xbox One wireless controllers can be used with Windows 10 enabled devices.

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