IO Interactive has released a 15-minute long video walkthrough for Hitman. The video takes Agent 47 through the Showstopper level – the same level we briefly saw in the game’s gameplay trailer, but also takes the opportunity to go over some of the core elements in the game.

Going after Victor Novikov, a Russian oligarch and the leader of an international spy ring, 47 explores a huge palace in Paris and assesses his options. The core aspects of the Hitman franchise are all there – stealth, disguises, preparation and death traps are all part of this, and any other, successful kill.

We get to see just how big the level is, and witness some of the new mechanics in the game. Enforcers, for exampe, are a new type of enemy that can see through specific disguises.

We also see how Agent 47 can manipulate the environment and even other NPCs to his advantage.

Hitman is currently in the alpha stage, but is scheduled to be released this December on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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