Sony is gearing up for September with more free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Touching base on each currently supported console in the Sony family, September’s free games have more of an indie vibe this time around. The only PlayStation 4 exclusive will be Grow Home, an action platformer that follows a botanical robot, B.U.D. who is trying to save his planet by bringing home a plant that can re-oxygenate the atmosphere.

The PlayStation 3, however, will be getting the Sony exclusive Twisted Metal the turbo charged circus of carnage and destruction that can only be brought to life on a PlayStation console. Incoming on both the PlayStation 3 and 4 is the 2D puzzle-platformer Teslagrad, where players use electromagnetic powers to discover the secrets of Nicola Tesla’s abandoned tower.

Available on both the PlayStation 4 and Vita are the 16-bit Super Time Force Ultra, a time traveling 2D platformer, filled with more weaponry than you can even find, and Xeodrifter, where gamers take control of a stranded astronaut who needs to rebuild his ship.

Lastly is La-Mulana X, a PS Vita exclusive that “takes you deep into ancient ruins on a quest to discover not just valuable treasure, but the secret to life itself!”

While September may not be the largest release of free games to PlayStation Plus, it is definitely the most diverse, with an array of 2 and 3 dimensional platformers, puzzle games and more! Check out the official PlayStation blog or more info on each individual title, but stay tuned for each month’s new free games, available only on PlayStation Plus.


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