Welcome to XCOM 2’s new mobile command base, the Avenger. Take a gander at the video below for a lot more information about what we already saw at Gamescom 2015.

The Avenger is a repurposed alien ship from the events of the first XCOM title. In XCOM 2, the human/Alien relationship is reversed after the hostile take over of Earth, forcing humans to become the invading army.

The ship is outfitted with everything players will need to attack locations around the world, with an incredible array of weaponry and soldiers. The research and manufacturing departments on board are equipped to learn as much as possible about alien technology in addition to a wealth of upgrades to weapons and abilities.

The gameplay video acts as an introduction to the mechanics of the new home base, as well as showing off the stunning graphics that the game will utilize, and even goes into detail as to how gamers will choose their missions. There is no combat featured in this video, but you can find the XCOM 2’s tactical combat gameplay video here.

There is a lot at stake in Firaxis and 2K game’s XCOM2 for the PC, Mac and Linux, but thankfully it will be released later this November.

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