Nintendo has patented a new console without an optical disc drive.

The patent was filed in February of earlier this year, but the plans were officially published yesterday. The new design includes all of the traditional in’s and out’s of any other console, except for the exclusion of an optical reader for game discs. This probably means that the console will utilize digital content entirely.

The square console features certain tell-tale signs that it could very well be Nintendo’s new NX system, however nothing has been confirmed. The official patent was posted today on NeoGAF, where you can find the full legal details, but the renderings share all of the important information.

The new system will feature wireless internet access, two memory units, and a connection unit for external hard drives. In addition, the patent also includes the system’s wireless controller, and an external memory card, much like the Wii or the 3DS.

Unfortunately the patent is fairly vague, in terms of what components will actually be used in the machine, but if reports that Nintendo may getting ready to ship the console next year are true, then we might be finding out a lot more soon.


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