Check out our exclusive interview with the amazing ESL One host, Soe “Soembie” Gschwind-Penski.

Soe Gschwind is currently getting ready for the upcoming ESL One Counter Strike: Global Offensive tournament and was very excited to catch us up on what she has been doing.

Her journey into the gaming industry is a fun adventure that illustrates just how much fun she’s been having working with the eSports community. During the chat, our own Jassi and Melvin were curious about what she predicts might happen at the upcoming eSports event.

Soe is a born and bred gamer who is not afraid to discuss her habits of rage quitting, and even the chunks of her life she devoted to the World of Warcraft. More importantly, she shares some of her favorite games throughout her life as a gamer.

You can follow Soe on Facebook and Twitter (@Soembie). Tickets to experience the upcoming Counter Strike: Global Offensive live event in theaters around the country are now on sale.

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