Developers like Plantronics understand that innovation is hard to come by in the world of audio. Between the sound quality of digital signals, input jacks and the typical volume control, the basics can seem very basic, which is where Rig Flex LX chimes in. The new design features an all new stereo adapter, two microphones and a cool new gaming headset, but the question remains as to whether this headset is right for you.


The most innovative aspect of this new headset is the stereo adapter that comes packaged with every set. Designed specifically for the Xbox One console, the adapter plugs directly into the controller and features every input necessary to get the perfect level of sound quality. The two wheels located on the adapter separate in-game and voice-chat audio so players can tune in and out of their video game, friendly chat or get a comfortable mix of both.

While the mute button does occasionally come in handy, the headset’s equalizer has proven a lot more useful. The equalizer has three pre-sets that can surge either high, mid-range or bass notes to properly match whatever environment you find yourself in. More importantly though, are the two inputs on the bottom most area of the adapter. Both nuts are configured for the typical 3.5mm auxiliary cables, however, each input serves a separate purpose.

The right input is used only to connect the actual headset to the controller for obvious sound purposes, but the left input allows you to connect the headset to devices capable of playing music so that the incredibly soft noise canceling earphones don’t keep you from listening to your favorite music while you smack new online players around for having the audacity to enter a match with you. Simply put, with the Rig Flex LX, users can enjoy their playlist at whatever volume the want, while safely blowing things up in the process!



The LX also comes equipped with two separate microphones. The boom mounted microphone extends out to the users lips so that their voice is captured perfectly during stationary gaming. The In-line mic is specially packaged the same way as most modern retailers so that the headset can also be used on the go. The microphone dangles just beside the users mouth so that they can talk on the phone while they are out and about or listening to music.

The Plantronics design for the LX features what are undoubtedly the softest cushioned earphones that have ever been put on to a gaming headset. The speakers essentially hug your ears, and provide crystal clear sound quality in a light weight design. The headset itself is also lightweight in comparison and doesn’t weigh down on the head during gameplay.

The only downside to the physical design is that while the earphones are incredibly soft, the head band that connects them on top is not. The band is excruciatingly rigged to the point where it actually feels like it is trying to balance on top of your head instead of wrapping around it. The same material that covers the headphones is also used to case the head band, but not enough was used to make the band comfortable for long use.

Ultimately, this is not an issue that every user will face since a full head of hair would provide another layer of cushion for the headset to rest on, however, people without that cushion will be left with an annoying migraine after an hour of continuous use.

In designing the Rig Flex LX gaming headset, Plantronics sought to create an innovative piece of hardware that could be used just as much outside of gaming as it could inside of it. The audio quality is superb when it comes to chatting with friends (over the phone or in-game), watching movies and of course listening to music.

The custom stereo adapter may likely become more popular after people experience what these developers were able to accomplish with such a small device. The speakers sit comfortably on each ear, however, the only down side to the product is that it simply wasn’t designed for heads that are bigger, smaller or less furry than average.

Nevertheless, Plantronics have still created a new generation of gaming headsets with their new Rig Flex LX and if you can find the time to try them on, you may find out that they are perfect pair for you.

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