Layers of Fear is an upcoming psychological horror title inspired by the masterpiece paintings of past centuries. Take a look at this teaser trailer to get an idea of the type of creepy visuals that await you.

Set in the mind of a deranged painter, Layers of Fear features decor and visuals from the 19th century, though as you saw in the video above, your surrounding don’t stay grounded in reality for long. Each move of the camera peels off away another layer of madness and fear as the painter strives to finish his own masterpiece.

The game is being developed by Bloober Team, whose recent afford was the Bomberman-like Basement Crawl. While Basement Crawl wasn’t a hit, Layers of Fear seems much more original and interesting, at least at first glance. Horror fans might want to keep a close eye on this one.

Layers of Fear is set to be released on August 27 on PC.

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