Deck 13, mostly known the adventure game series Ankh and the recent Lords of the Fallen, has shared with the world more details about its upcoming dystopian action RPG title The Surge.

The Surge is set in dystopian future, at a time when planet Earth nears the end of its life. As with a lot of these dystopian futures, the planet is overpopulated and machines have replaces many of the human jobs, forcing people to seek work outside the crowded cities, or rely on exoskeletons to improve their efficiency.

Those exoskeletons also provide the game with innovative combat mechanics. The Surge’s original character progression system is based on modular upgrades gained through visceral combat.

Deck 13 promises more information in the coming months, but for now we know the game is scheduled for an 2017 release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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