Sony and Square Enix made waves in the world of gaming when, during Sony’s E3 Press Conference, the long awaited news was finally confirmed – Final Fantasy VII was getting its remake.


Something equally as interesting is that apparently Square Enix won’t be using their newest in-house game development engine, Luminous, for Final Fantasy VII. This comes as a surprise, since Final Fantasy and Luminous have been entwined with one another since the engine was first revealed.

“Final Fantasy VII (Remake) is not planned to be made with that,” Final Fantasy XV’s game director Hajime Tabata said, referencing the┬áLuminous engine.

What this means for the remake is uncertain for now, but may be an indicator of how far off the remake might be from completion. What will be used in its stead is a mystery, as with many things concerning this remake, details are scarce.

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