Evie Frye, the “other protagonist” of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, has yet to receive the spotlight she so deserves. We did get to her from her a little bit in the game’s newest story trailer, but we’ve yet to see her in action. To rectify that, Ubisoft has released a new walkthrough video that take us through one mission as Evie.

As you’ll see in just a minute, Evie is the stealthier of the two Frye siblings, and has her own set of unique skills.¬†First of all, she can carry more throwing knives, and deal more damage with each throw. The other skill we get to see in the video is called the chameleon ability. This ability lets Evie become practically invisible when standing still.

Watch the 10-minute long video below to see how Evie can approach her mission in several different ways, using stealth, force and the envrionment around her to get to her unlucky target.

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