The Burning Legion has returned in World of Warcraft’s new expansion – Legion.

Blizzard’s announcement comes live from the show floor of Gamescom 2015 in Germany. The WoW expansion looks to be massive; the content and cinematic trailers went into a lot of detail as to what will make the next iteration special, and it all has to do with a few broken island.

Legion takes place on the continent known as the Broken Isles, and picks up exactly where the Warlords of Drainer expansion left off, with the nefarious Gul’dan finding more ancient evil to awaken. The continent was once a Night Elf city, until the Burning Legion, now led by Gul’dan, shattered the islands and left them ravaged by demonic powers.

Once again going back in time, players will be able to bare witness to the construction of a new class of hero known as the Demon Hunters. These Demon Hunters are elven characters exiled from their own societies for their practices of Forbidden Legion powers.

These characters act as a mix between the Warlock and Druid classes due to their ability to cast powerful demonic spells in addition to transforming into Fel forms. The main talents that Demon Hunters can use are Havoc, the spell-based talent Metamorphosis which allows the player to transform and enhance their powers, and Spectral Sight that grants the ability to see enemies behind walls.

In addition, part of the story will introduce a young and less corrupted Illidan Stormrage as he embarks on his own journey.

Some of the more minor tweaks that come with WoW expansions are the increased level cap of 110 and a new honor system with specific PVP rewards, talents and progression. Players will be able to once again immediately boost their lower level characters to 100 once the game is out.

New Artifact Weapons and Class Order Halls will be introduced as well, but the full extent of these new systems has yet to be disclosed. For more information about the new weapons or new enemy types, or to even sign up for a beta test of the game later this year, gamers can check out the official World of Warcraft: Legion page at Battle.Net.

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