Razer revealed two new products this year at Gamescom 2015. With fully customizable lighting, the Deathstalker and the New Orbweaver join the Razer Chroma family.

The Deathstalker Chroma keyboard is a high-performance, low profile gaming keyboard. This keyboard has three customizable backlit zones and fully programmable keycaps, allowing even more precision and faster reaction times. With 10 key rollover, you can destroy your enemies with no lag time knowing your system will register every key perfectly. At $99.99 this keyboard is priced to win and is available on the Razer store.

The second product is the Orbweaver Chroma, a 20 key programmable keypad with an 8 way directional thumb-pad and adjustable hand, thumb and palm-rest. This keypad will set you back $129.99. Now with 16.8 million colors, the Orbweaver is an even brighter addition to every gamers repertoire.

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