Halo Wars 2 is coming to the Xbox One and PC in Fall 2016.

Six years after the original real time strategy game set within the Halo universe made it’s debut on the Xbox 360 console, 343 industries has partnered up with Creative Assembly to develop this amazing cinematic for the highly anticipated sequel.

The cinematic trailer reveals nothing about the game, but does show off the graphical improvements that the franchise has been building over the break between the games. Specifically the trailer shows the aftermath of what was undoubtedly a brutally lost conflict between the opposing Covenant and Humans, ending dramatically with a menacing enemy taunting his retreating enemies.

The original developers, Ensemble Studios, who were known for their work on the Age of Empires series, ceased operations only two years after the game was completed. This forced 343 Industries to seek out the help of Creative Assembly, the team behind the Total War games.

Very little was actually announced out side of the release window and the ominous trailer, but for now, Halo Wars 2 will be released next fall for the PC and Xbox One.

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