Microsoft Studios and Reagent Games have teamed up to deliver Crackdown 3, a sort of reboot of the 2007 game Crackdown. From the looks of it, things are getting off to one hell of an explosive start. Heating up the Microsoft conference was this crazy trailer.

Are you in the mood for some sandbox shooter gameplay and completely destructive action? Good, ’cause Crackdown 3 is just what the doctor ordered. You’ll explore the lights and heights of a futuristic city while being provided with every opportunity to not just run and jump your way around, but drive some transformable cars. You’ll also have to utilize your special abilities and tactics to take down your enemies – the violent criminal organizations that infest the city.

Much like a chessboard, this city has many moving parts and pieces, all that form an interconnected web of criminal activity, and its your job to stop it in any way you see fit.

Advertising it as a “revolutionary new multiplayer experience”, Reagent Games shows off the incredible demolition capabilities of you and your squad. In other words, the environment is completely destructible. Don’t like that bridge? Blow it to smithereens. Is that skyscraper in your way? Bring it tumbling down with a well placed rocket or two. On top of that, thanks to the Cloud, you can “play up to 20x the computational power of your Xbox One.” Sounds pretty impressive.

Prep your missiles and ready your grenades for the mayhem as Crackdown 3 releases next year exclusively on  Xbox One.

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