FreeStyleGames is back again with Guitar Hero Live and this time they’re serving up a behind-the-scenes video to whet your appetite for the various features the game will debut with. The gameplay shown is still work in progress, so be aware that this could change at any time.

First up we’ve got the eponymous Guitar Hero Live mode, which will have you go on stage as the lead guitarist for ten bands across two different festivals. These two include Soundial, a European festival and Rock the Block, a US festival. Both will have unique styles to their locales, for example, Rock the Block takes place in city streets and such. Also new is the camera perspective. FreeStyleGames built stages and captured their footage live, allowing you to view the crowd from the viewpoint of the band, as if you were really there.

Next we have GHTV which is the first 24 hours a day, 7 days a week playable music video network. You’ll be able to hop in a channel online at a moments notice and play from its song list. Don’t like the songs in that list? Don’t worry, you can always back out and choose a different channel. FreeStyleGames will also be paying close attention to all the songs and channels played from in order to determine what the fans like and don’t like. Essentially, it’s an ever-evolving playlist that let’s you play your way. Working closely with the bands themselves, they’re working on always being able to bring new content and songs to you on a frequent basis, starting off with Avenged Sevenfold.

In addition to the progression system featuring in GH Live mode, you’ll always be earning in-game currency and levels. The levels and currency will be used to buy content ranging from new guitar skins to the ability to take on other players side-by-side. You’ll also be able to unlock new hero powers that will help you during your quest for guitarist dominance.

Last but certainly not least, included with these features will be the ability for you to plug in a microphone and sing along with the lyrics. Like many karaoke games, you’ll be singing along to a lyric highway which will tell you where your pitch is supposed to be. All this along with local and online multiplayer will make this the most robust version of Guitar Hero yet.

Prepare to rock out as Guitar Hero Live is set for release on October 20 for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Wii U.

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