Former Naughty Dog artists have released conceptual art from the cancelled Jak and Daxter 4.

The art for the cancelled title surfaced through the ArtStation account for Scribble Pad Studios, an art company that worked in the past with developers like Naughty Dog and EA.

Some of the artwork featured was previously published in a cumulative art book of the developer\s library of games. However, the uploaded work does feature previously unreleased images.

Although the project never came to fruition, and likely never will, Naughty Dog co-President Evan Wells had teased the game’s existence last year in an interview with GameInformer. Not only was the project under strong consideration, but was originally going to be developed before Naughty Dog’s next hit title The Last of Us.

According to both the interview and the concept art, Jak 4 was going to be a new take on the series and would’ve had a much more realistic tone. The project was later canceled after it was deemed that this was not the sequel fans would want.

scribble-pad-studios-jak-4 scribble-pad-studios-jak-3 scribble-pad-studios-jak-2 scribble-pad-studios-jak-1a scribble-pad-studios-jak-1

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