EA wants to see who will shoot first in Star Wars Battlefront’s Team Deathmatch mode – Blast.

Described on the game’s official website by the lead level designer Dennis Brännvall, the 10 vs 10 Team Deathmatch pits Rebels against Imperial Agents in an intense fight to the death. Well, a hundred deaths, actually, since this is the number of kills a team needs to achieve in order to win.

Even more interesting is the 10 minute time-limit for each round. Instead of spending almost half an hour trying to achieve one goal, the new game mode will take you from the desert surface of Tattooine, to the Forest Moon of Endor and all the way back to Hoth in the same amount of time.

“One battle you’ll be fighting within interior levels on Endor or Sullust. In the next battle, you might find yourselves among Tatooine’s dusty canyons, or inside the undeniably cool Ice Caves on Hoth,” said Brännvall. “My favorite is the verticality of Tatooine, fighting by the Sandcrawler.”

The scale of the maps also changes in this mode. Maps are much smaller and centered around closed-quarter combat. But they aren’t simply a small version of maps in other modes, as Brännvall explains.

“Say you’ve just played Walker Assault mode on Hoth and then switched to Blast, still on Hoth. Thanks to variations in lighting and time of day, you’ll definitely see a difference.”

What isn’t so great about the new Blast mode, however, is the absence of vehicles and hero characters. Players may have to settle for their ordinary blast rifles, but the added challenge does make the unique weapon pick-up points on each map more valuable. While there will be no lightsabers, the eternal question of “who shot first?” is meaningless when you’re packing a grenade launcher.

Star Wars Battlefront will be available on November 17 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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