Bethesda has let some fans down by revealing that Fallout 4 will launch without modding tools.

Bethesda has a long history of supporting the modding community by releasing creation tools to the public. However, amidst endless questions about modifications to the upcoming Fallout 4, they have decided to clear a few things up.

When the VP of Marketing, Pete Hines, spoke to IGN at QuakeCon, he reiterated that the title will feature modding abilities for the game, but this is not their teams highest priority. Citing how big their upcoming title will be, Hines brutally stated that “it’s going to take clearly into next year because we can’t even start it”.

“Nobody cares about mods if the game sucks,” Hines explained. “This has always been our philosophy. We shift energy to construction tools, the creation kit, and all of that stuff once the game is done, and we start to figure out what all of that is going to look like”.

As of their official release, the modding capabilities will only be available on the PC version of the game, while Xbox One users will be able to download the completed mods. Hines went on to suggest that their basic philosophy of modding tools may allow PS4 users to access to mods as well in the future.

The modding community should expect more news once work has officially begun on the tools. Until then, Fallout 4 will be available November 10 on the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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