Capcom may be developing a brand new game in the Resident Evil franchise, titled “Umbrella Corps”. The only evidence of the game’s existence is a trademark field in Europe and Japan.

The trademark was first registered in Europe on July 7, without the Resident Evil name, though any fan worth one’s salt will immediately associate the Umbrella name with the veteran survival horror franchise. It was later discovered that the company has also registered the name in Japan, but this time as Biohazard Umbrella Corps (via DuelShockers).

We’re pretty sure the new trademark refers to a video game, since it includes “Portable consoles with LCD screens, TV Home Consoles and Mobile”. What kind of video game, though, is anyone’s guess.

Personally, the title Umbrella Corps makes me think of the 2012’s spin-off Operation Raccoon City, which was a third-person shooter starring a group of Umbrella Security Service members. But it can also be a rail-shooter like The Umbrella Chronicles, or something completely different.

Thanks VG247.

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