Capcom has taken down the much anticipated beta for Street Fighter V, and won’t bring it back online until further notice.


In a public statement, the company revealed that the very issues the beta was meant to iron out were much worse than they expected or were prepared for. The beta was released three days ago and suffered a huge backlash from fans when everything from connection issues to playability problems.

Though worrisome, Capcom has reassured the playerbase that this beta will not count towards their previously announced beta test allotments, and that those who pre-ordered the game in the Americas will still be able to play in at least one of them. There will still be at the very least three full beta tests prior to Street Fighter V’s ┬álaunch and Capcom is working hard to resolve any issues.

“To all of the players that participated and supported us through this initial phase, we cannot thank you enough,” said Capcom’s very own ComboFiend. “We understand how frustrating it is to be so close to playing the game you are excited for, and to not have it working.

“The whole team here is very disappointed that we were unable to deliver a proper beta experience this time. Thank you so much for your continued support, and we promise that we will have a better experience for you with the future betas.”

A “worthwhile in-game incentive” is being developed for all those who attempted to participate in this first test, and the specifics cannot be confirm at this time, Capcom does plan on doing so in the coming weeks. European and Asian players in this beta will also be receiving the incentive as Capcom was forced to limit the pool of players in those locations because of the severe server issues.

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