Gioteck is getting ready to release it’s newest line up of gaming headsets with new advertisements for their FL and LP series.

The FL-300 combines style and comfort in their new line up of FL series headsets. The adjustable silicon headband is designed keep your head comfortable, while the open cell foam around the head phones keeps your ears cool. The FL-300 also features removable ear cups that can also be used as external speakers for your desktop.

The blu-tooth enabled headset will come in blue, black, red and green at a retail price of $79.99. The Fl-300 features a retractable microphone and 180 degree rotating ear cups. The Headset will be compatible to your PC, PS4, Xbox One and mobile devices, but has no official release date. You’ll be able to get your hands on this model sometime around August or September.

By comparison, the LP-01 doesn’t seem like much, but thats because it was designed with simplicity in mind. The LP wants to become part of your daily routine by encompassing all of your audio needs. It is compatible with the PS3, PS4 and mobile devices with blu-tooth functionality.

Available in Black, red and blue, the on-ear gaming headset features simple side buttons that control the power, volume and ability to answer phone calls. The LP-01 features a slightly more exact release date of August 2015, with a more better sounding price of $34.99.

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