Sega and Creative Assembly have released the first in-engine trailer for the upcoming epic strategy title Total War: Warhammer. While not showing any actual gameplay, the video is till impressive to look at.

The trailer shows off the individuality of the two opposing forces, the Greenskins and Humans, as well as some of the coolest character classes to date. The armies are individually designed with their own strengths and weaknesses, in addition to their unique armor and mounts.

The Greenskins command an array of giants that crush enemies with ease while traveling the map on top of fierce dragons. The Humans on the other hand, lead by Emperor Karl Franz, stride atop majestic gryphons, with the aid of warlocks and their mighty spells.

No release date for Total War: Warhammer has been confirmed yet, but stay tuned to later this month to watch the developer walkthrough on July 30.

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