Blizzard’s new team-based shooter, Overwatch, wants to introduce you to their new playable hero – Soldier 76.

Blizzard has properly revealed their new gun toting vigilante with not just one introductory video, but three. The first one, seen above, shows off the soldier in action and briefly introduces gamers to his wide arsenal of weapon and gadgetry.

The second (below), offers a deeper look into this character’s origin. Soldier 76 was apparently one of the founding members of Overwatch. The team was started as a global effort to protect the world with the help of other enhanced soldiers. When their efforts fail to keep the world safe, and civilization becomes increasingly dangerous, the Overwatch headquarters is bombed.

As one of the few heroes to survive the attack, Soldier 76 has set out to find the people responsible for the attack and bring them to justice. While the world may still view him as an thrill seeking vigilante, he reminds himself that he is “only a soldier”.

The character has a dark past behind him, but a potentially bright future. Whats most important, however, is that in addition to the wealth of background we now have on the character, we also get to see him in action with his trusty rifle.

Equipped with super speed, a pulse rifle/ rocket launcher, and a back up, group-healing ability, Soldier 76 is shaping up to be a future fan favorite.

Although gamers with Battlenet accounts can currently sign up for beta access to the game, Overwatch still doewn’t have an official release date planned for PC and Mac.

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