Warner Bros. and NetherRealm Studios have released their latest DLC pack for the visceral fighting game, Mortal Kombat X. For all those late to the party, this is the third DLC kharacter released by NetherRealm – the first and second being Jason Vorhees and Tanya respectively.

With this release, the relentless and extremely deadly Predator joins the cast of already lethal kombatants in the ultimate test of skill. Eager for blood, Predator comes with three variations, similar to the rest of the roster; Warrior – a melee-centric kombo variation, Hish-Qu-Ten – a more ranged focused variation that still has impressive melee abilities, and last but not least we have the Hunter  – focused on zoning and survival. I had some time to test-drive this beast of a warrior and I must say, I’m pretty impressed.

I started with the Warrior variation, as I usually prefer getting in my opponents faces than toying around with them at range. This kombo-fiend focuses on being able to deal with an opponent from mid to close range. His mid-range Yautja Strike can also be used in close range and is useful as an anti-air as well as a kombo finisher while the Dread Slam serves as either a finisher or a sweep to close range threat. Self-detonate is a double-edged sword, but the threat to you is minimal and is reminiscent of Kotal Khan’s Blood Sacrifice in its damage. This move is usually a mid-kombo setup for the extended finish and max damage.

Next on our list is my least favorite of his variations, the Hunter. As I said previously, this is a zone-focused version that has several kombos that focus on trapping your opponent and allowing you to dish out some decent damage. Your main tool here is your Snag ability which can either be used as a remote explosive or as a trap. Both allow you to kombo off of them and set up some deadly health bar reducing action. Your other ability is your Medi-Kit, which allows you to recover some life when safe. Beware, as using this ability at the wrong time will leave you vulnerable to attack, and you’ll end up losing more life than you would’ve gained.


Our final form (not even?) is the ranged variant, Hish-Qu-Ten. Though none of Predator’s variations is ranged specific as he is still a heavy in-your-face kharacter, this one offers up the most you’ll ever get out of a ranged Predator. The only special moves in this version is the Plasma Shot and the Plasma Caster, both of which have several different angles and modes of attack, whether it’s delaying your shot for the perfect moment, or selecting exactly where to place it. This is my favorite variation personally, as it’s both simple and fairly complex at the same time. Set up your kombos and punish appropriately and this variation is for you.

The Predator DLC also comes with an alternate skin pack and a Klassic Fatality pack. You get Commando Johnny Cage, Carl Weathers Jax, Kold War Scorpion (for PS4 users only), and Infrared Scorpion. The skins are pretty decent, but the Klassic Fatalities are what sold it for me. Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Sonya and Johnny Cage each receive one of their klassic fatalities from the first games, whether its Sub-Zero’s Spine Rip or Sonya’s Kiss of Death. Though simple, the nostalgia factor and well done upgrade of the fatalities graphically while still maintaining their original charm make this a must-have for any Mortal Kombat fans.

Overall, this is a pretty awesome addition to an already fantastic fighting game. If you’re looking to bring some incredible alien devastation as well as new skins and fatalities, then this DLC is for you. All of this is available to Kombat Pack owners now, while those who haven’t bought it will get it July 14.

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