Shenmue 3 is getting even more Kickstarter stretch bonuses after achieving its previous goals, merely 24 hours after the E3 2015 announcement.

After revealing their development, and need for an additional $2 million in funding, at the Sony press conference, Yu Suzuki and his team broke some of Kickstarter’s world records in how fast they were able to achieve their goal amount for the long absent sequel to Shenmue 1 and 2. The campaign has now been stretched to a decent ammount of $11 million and features new additions to the game that will be afforded to players as they reach each new goal.

The $5.1 million goal, will bring a new Portuguese language option, where as the $6-7 million range will help expand the current battle system to include advanced A.I. and a free battle system. The $8-9 million range features an expansion to the Choubu area, which in turn brings in a slew of new mini-games, while lastly, the $10-11 million range will expand the mastery of Kung fu, magic and betting mini-games in the Bailu area.

The new features are incredible, and most certainly tempting to long time players who not only want a sequel, but a sequel done right. The main feature that accompanies these new developments are the pledge rewards, which cover things from free copies of the game to dinner with Yu Suzuki himself. So the only thing left to do to encourage the release of this game is to help the man out and donate to a game that has been shelved by companies who didn’t recognize its value.

The trailer that started all of this reveals that this will be available exclusively for the PC and PS4. However, although there is no release date, these new features may cause the game to be delayed a little longer, you can stay up to date on everything Shenmue as it develops, here at!

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