Attention to all Total War and Warhammer fans: directly from the E3 show floor, the GamersPack team was able to get an in depth exclusive interview with one of the developers at Creative Assembly to discuss everything about the upcoming title Total War: Warhammer.

The developers refer to this title as the Warhammer that everyone has been looking forward to, as the game features the entire spectrum of playable races and classes from the series, including vampires, dwarves, orcs and the empire of men alike.

The idea behind this iteration was to go beyond the previous limitations that existed in terms of bringing a classic table top game to life in the virtual world. The team at Creative Assembly want the player to feel like they could travel the world of Warhammer and create their own story while delving deeper into the immense lore.

Complete with epic new flying mounts like gryphons and dragons, Total War: Warhammer will be released later this year on the Mac, PC and SteamOS.

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